Tacoma Power to Conduct Cushman Siren Test

Tacoma Power will conduct its annual emergency siren test on Wednesday, April 1. The siren at the Cushman No. 2 Dam will sound at 1 p.m. and include an announcement of the test. The test will last about 90 seconds.

The test takes place the first Wednesday of April each year. The test is a requirement of the utility’s federal license to operate its dams, and is unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The test sequence will be:
• Recorded voice: “Attention – this is a test of the Cushman emergency warning system. This is only a test.”
• Fluctuating wail for 30 seconds.
• Recorded voice: “This completes the test of the Cushman emergency warning system. This was only a test.”

Mason County Emergency Management typically coordinates a test of their Mason County Alert system with Tacoma Power’s siren test. They are unable to do the coordinated test this year because they are focused on COVID-19 concerns.