County COVID-19 Cases Increase to Five

The number of positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Mason County has increased to five. Mason County Public Health was notified Monday, March 30, 2020 of three additional County residents testing positive for COVID-19. This brings the total to five positive case of COVID-19 in Mason County. Mason County Public Health is conducting contact interviews at this time. The patients are currently isolating at home. Case information is as follows:

• Male in 60’s
• Male in 50’s
• Male in 70’s

As expected, Mason County officials received a lot of test results Monday. This is due to a backlog in testing, not an acceleration of the virus. Please continue to follow the advice of Public Health Officials and social distancing practices.

Stay Home, Limit Travel, Save Lives

Mason County Public Health continues to ask that the public do their part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by doing the following:
• Limit your interactions and practice social distancing. Work with your family, workplace, and the rest of the community to limit your activities in the upcoming weeks.
• Who Should Be Tested for COVID-19? We know many people are wondering, if they have fever and a cough, do they need to get tested for COVID-19? Right now, there is still a screening process and a criteria to be met before a person is deemed eligible for the COVID-19 test.
• Call ahead and do not go to the emergency room unless seriously ill. Emergency rooms need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs. If you have symptoms like cough, fever, or other respiratory problems, call your regular doctor/provider first or the Mason County respiratory triage line (360) 427-3615.
• Stay home when sick and limit close contact with others in your household who are not sick.
• Even if you are not ill, avoid visiting hospitals, long term care facilities or nursing homes to the extent possible. If you do need to visit one of these facilities call ahead to determine if you will be allowed entry. Facilities have implemented no entry and/or monitored entry.
• Practice excellent personal hygiene habits, including handwashing with soap and warm water, coughing into tissue or elbow, avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
• Stay away from people who are ill, especially if you are 60 and older or have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or a weakened immune system.
• Stay informed. Information is changing frequently. Follow Mason County all Hazards on Facebook regularly for updates. You can also use, and

We all have to work together, take protective measures and help slow the spread of COVID-19. If too many people get sick too fast, first responders and hospitals will not be able to handle the extreme increase in people needing care. Our supply shortage will run out and we won’t have the supplies and equipment necessary to care for staff or patients.

The Governor asked us to stay home, social distance, and keep to our households only. By following these steps, we are taking protective measures and helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. By slowing the spread of COVID-19 we will be able to restock supplies and equipment before we run out. First responders will have a slower pace of emergency responses and transports. Emergency rooms and hospitals will continue to receive and treat COVID-19 cases, but they will be more spread out and manageable.

Mason County Public Health continues to monitor, prepare, and respond to COVID-19. As many will begin to hear about the new rapid COVID-19 test, everyone should be aware this is still in tryout stages only in select areas and is not available in Mason County. It is initially being tested on potentially exposed front-line essential personnel. As we learn more about any testing resources, we will be sharing that information with you as soon as we can. As with any testing there is a screening process to be deemed eligible to receive COVID-19 testing.

Hospital and Medical Facilities:
• Primary Care provider leadership will make a decision when to stand up a Covid-19 Clinic. Officials have established a location to serve as a contingent site, which can be operational within 24 hours.