County Modifying Services to Limit Citizen Exposure, Implement Social Distancing

As Mason County is thrust into the need to address and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to its citizens, county staff, friends, family and neighbors, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is tasked with creating an environment where Mason County is setting the example for others to follow. The BOCC is reaching out to our citizens and staff proposing actions to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our community.

These actions are the most effective tools the County has available to help slow the spread of the virus in our community. By slowing the spread, we have a chance to protect our citizens,county staff, family, friends and neighbors who are at risk for severe illness. In particular,this includes all adults over age 60 and anyone with an underlying health condition.

At this time, Mason County is open and the BOCC is not considering staff reductions.

These actions will limit the cascading impacts to critical services due to high absenteeism, if large numbers of county staff become ill. These actions may also help hospitals and other healthcare services continue to provide services for those who need them(along with citizens,first responders and businesses)in the coming weeks and months.

• Limit Reception and Front Counter Services for all county offices.
• Restrict non-essential county business travel by county employees outside the county.
• Restrict non-essential meetings within the county,use teleconferencing where possible.
• Use Telework options when and where available as defined by your Elected Official or Director.
• Limit BOCC Briefing and Action Iterns to those absolutely essential that could have a negative financial or public safety impact if not acted on.
• Suspend some Commissioner meetings and act on more items less often, limit public attendance and offer public participation either by mail, email or by phone. Live stream all meetings for public viewing.
• Suspend all County Advisory Board meetings.
• Close County Parks.
• Encourage the public use online services to pay taxes,license renewals,submit some building permit types via SmartGov.
• Request the public conduct all county business possible via phone or online. Please contact any County office before coming in to verify the operating hours and/or make an appointment.

The more united we can be in preventing the spread and be in this together— the greater the benefit for the whole community.