Hilburn Earns Health Care Governance Certification

Mason County Public Hospital District No. 1 Commissioner Scott Hilburn has spent the last year increasing his understanding of hospital governance and his ability to enhance board effectiveness through participation in the Washington State Hospital Association’s (WSHA) Health Care Governance Education program. Participation included attending webinars and peer learning events on a variety of topics, ranging from community health needs assessments to federal and state health care policies.

Hilburn earned the inaugural WSHA Health Care Governance certification in 2019. Mason Health is proud of our leadership for their dedication to equipping themselves with the best skills to meet the needs of our patients and broader community. Hilburn will be recognized at the WSHA Health Care Governance awards dinner on Wednesday, May 13, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Seattle Airport Marriott. The dinner is scheduled the evening before the WSHA 2020 Safety & Quality Leadership Summit, which will take place on Thursday, May 14.

“I’m honored beyond words to be selected for this recognition by the Washington State Hospital Association,” Hilburn said. “This is really a red letter day in my business career. I want to share this recognition with my fellow commissioners, Don Wilson and Gayle Weston, who provide me with the support that enables me to engage in my many governance activities. And I don’t want to let this special occasion go by without recognizing and thanking our CEO Eric Moll for his unwavering support of my health care initiatives.”

Hilburn also thanked the Washington State Hospital Association for launching the informative educational training webinars, which formed a key part of the WSHA Health Care Governance Education program. WSHA launched the program in 2019 to help increase the skills and expertise of those who govern Washington state health systems. This includes members of boards of directors and public hospital districts’ elected commissioners. Fifty-nine individuals representing 29 hospitals and health systems across Washington state earned their WSHA Health Care Governance certification, and 105 individuals logged at least one credit hour in 2019.

“As health care leaders, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves on how to best assist our hospitals and health systems in meeting the needs of our patients and the greater community,” WSHA Hospital Governing Boards Committee Chair Buffy Alegria said. “The WSHA Health Care Governance Education program is a valuable opportunity to expand our knowledge.”

Excellent governance is essential to excellent hospitals, WSHA President & CEO Cassie Sauer added.

“We are inspired by the popularity this program has garnered, as it shows the commitment our health care leaders have to improving their own skills to better serve their communities,” Sauer said.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in the WSHA Governance Education program in 2020, learn more about the program on WSHA.org.

The Washington State Hospital Association advocates for and provides value to members in achieving their missions and improving the health of their communities. WSHA represents more than 100 hospitals and health systems in the state, including those that are non-profit, investor-owned, and county, state and military hospitals. The Quadruple Aim guides our members and our work as we strive to reduce the cost of health care and improve the patient experience, the clinician experience and the health of our communities. Visit www.wsha.org for more information.

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