City to Survey Citizens About Neighborhood Parks

The City of Shelton will soon be sending surveys to residents who live within a half mile of two neighborhood parks asking for input on how those parks should be developed. Mark Ziegler, Parks and Recreation Director, told the Shelton Metropolitan Board the parks are Johnson Park on Capital Hill and an undeveloped park south of Terrace Heights.

These surveys will help create plans for each park and help determine what kind of amenities the neighborhoods would like to see in their parks.

Johnson Park is somewhat developed but what to do with the trees in the park may be a focal point of discussions with neighbors.

The surveys will be sent out in the next few weeks with copies available at the Shelton Civic Center and on the City’s website. In May, the plan is to hold community meetings at each park and continue discussion. The hope is to have plans in place for each park this year and begin work on implementing the plans by next year.