Bill Preventing Election Tampering Heads to Governor

State lawmakers sent the governor new legislation this week designed to strengthen the integrity and security of Washington’s elections. Dan Frizzell from the House Democratic Caucus has that story.

When Washington state was notified by U.S. intelligence agencies in 2016 that the its election system had been targeted by foreign players, state Representative Gael Tarleton took note.  Tarleton, a Seattle Democrat and former Pentagon intelligence analyst, began working with county auditors throughout the state to brainstorm ways to protect the integrity of a vote from the time it’s marked on the ballot to the moment statewide results are announced by the Secretary of State. One of the bills that resulted is headed to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk today after a final unanimous OK by the state Senate. The bill will subject every step of the state’s voting system to vulnerability tests and requires the Secretary of State to report every breach of the system, no matter how minor, to the governor and Legislature. Here’s Tarleton:

TARLETON: “This is work that I have been doing for a long time to make sure that our people know that when they vote, their vote is going to be counted as they cast it.”

Tarleton’s work with county auditors also led to successful legislation earlier this year requiring the state to reimburse counties for expenses they incur for national and state elections. In Olympia, Dan Frizzell.