Lawmakers Address Employment Challenges for Military Spouses

Lawmakers in Olympia are looking at ways to make the state more family-friendly for military personnel stationed in Washington. Dan Frizzell from the House Democratic Caucus has more.

Military spending, including revenue generated by military families, accounts for a good chunk of Washington state’s economy. Unemployment and underemployment of military spouses, though, is a problem, made worse by the impermanence of their assignment to a given base. State Representative Christine Kilduff’s 28th legislative district contains the state’s largest base, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and she’s introduced a bill designed to overcome some employment hurdles faced by those spouses.

KILDUFF: “The overarching theme is this: Recognizing that when military spouses come to our state that we can help them get jobs, and when they need to exit our state in service to our country along with their service-member spouse that they could terminate an employment contract without any penalty.”

Kilduff’s bipartisan House Bill 2730 got a unanimous thumbs-up in the House and had a public hearing in the Senate Wednesday morning. In Olympia, Dan Frizzell.