School Levies Election Results

One school district’s replacement levy is failing while others are passing after initial ballots were counted Tuesday night.

The North Mason School District‘s replacement educational levy is failing 55 percent to 45 percent. That’s 2,531 voting “No” to the four-year levy at $2.36 per thousand and 2,070 voting “Yes”.

The Shelton School District‘s Maintenance and Operations Levy is passing 53.01 percent to 46.99 percent. The three-year levy at $2.50 per thousand of assessed value received 2,235 “Yes” votes and 1,981 “No” votes.

The Pioneer School District‘s levy is passing with 52.55 percent approval. That’s 1,670 voting “Yes” and 1,508 voting “No”. The rate per thousand for this three-year levy is $1.69 per thousand in 2021, $1.74 per thousand in 2022, and $1.79 per thousand in 2023.

In the Grapeview School District, 57.61 percent of the voters are supporting a four-year levy at 88 cents per thousand for 2021 and 2022, and 89 cents per thousand for 2023 and 2024. That’s 602 “Yes” votes to 443 “No” votes.

Mary M. Knight School District‘s a two-year levy at $2.50 per thousand of assessed value  is passing with 160 voters are in favor and 153 against. That’s 51.12 percent “Yes” and 48.88 percent “No”.

In Mason County Fire District No. 1, 64.8 percent of the voter are approving a two-year levy at $1.50 per thousand of assessed value to maintain and improve fire protection, emergency medical services and facilities, replace apparatus and equipment, and provide for firefighter safety. That’s 197 voting “Yes” and 107 voting “No”. Mason County Fire District No. 1 serves Hoodsport, Potlatch and Lilliwaup.

One thought on “School Levies Election Results”

  1. That’s 2070 voters who either (a) don’t own homes and don’t understand that their rent will increase when these grabs are passed, (b) graduated from a public school that didn’t teach them about economics and civics,(c) don’t give a damn about their neighbors (especially seniors) being forced out of their homes due to constant tax increases as long as they think their “darlings” will benefit, or (d) simply have a low IQ.

    Shame on those who voted to increase our property taxes even more and progressively over the years. It’s time for a California-style Proposition 13.

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