Airport’s Economic Impact

[VIDEO] What is the economic impact of an airport? That is the question Washington State Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division is answering with a study that began in October 2018 and was recently completed.

Washington has 138 public airports in 37 of its 39 counties. WSDOT Aviation, with the support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), conducted an economic impact study to measure the economic impacts of each public-use airport in Washington; assess the economic value that airports create for communities; and show airports and the state aviation system contribute to the state’s economy and economic competitiveness.

One of those 138 public airports is Shelton’s Sanderson Field which is operated by the Port of Shelton. The Port’s Executive Director, Wendy Smith, talked about the study’s preliminary results at Tuesday’s Port of Shelton Commission meeting.

According to WSDOT Aviation, the Aviation Economic Impact Study shows airports provide an essential link to the nation’s air space, commerce, and emergency services and are an important part of Washington State’s transportation system and economy. Each airport fulfills a particular role in supporting community economic and transportation needs.

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