Bill Protecting Data Privacy

In Olympia this week, lawmakers in the state House are looking at ways to help consumers take control of their data privacy. Dan Frizzell from the House Democratic Caucus has that story.

State Representative Shelley Kloba feels so strongly about the rights of people to keep their private lives private that she hosted data-privacy coffee meetings with constituents throughout the legislative interim to hear about the issue. One by-product of those meetings is her House Bill 2742, a consumer-data-protection bill that will have a public hearing in the House Innovation and Technology Committee Wednesday morning. The Kirkland Democrat crafted the bill to cover everything from the ability of consumers to delete their data to limits on commercial use of facial-recognition technology.

KLOBA: “Companies have had free rein to just harvest so much of your data that’s just a product of your everyday life. Where you go, what you look at on the web.  That stuff, I think, is personal, and I think many consumers will say ‘I’m not comfortable with that being entirely unregulated, and having who knows who knowing all of it about me.'”

With an identical bill working its way through the Senate, Kloba says she’s optimistic a new data-privacy law will be ready for the governor’s signature when the Legislature adjourns for the year on March 12.  In Olympia, Dan Frizzell.