Shelton Police Receives Accreditation

[VIDEO] As MasonWebTV Powered by HCC reported on December 4th, the Shelton Police Department has received accreditation from the Washington Association of Sheriff’s & Police Chiefs (WASPC). Tuesday night, Police Captain Mike Fiola told the Shelton City Council about the accreditation process.

The benefits of accreditation include increasing public confidence in the agency; increasing credibility; providing systemized agency self-assessment; broadening perspectives; intensifying administrative and operational effectiveness; ensuring recruitment, selection, and promotion processes are fair and equitable; strengthening understanding of agency policies and procedures by agency personnel; improving agency morale and pride; decreasing susceptibility to litigation and costly civil court settlements; potentially reducing liability insurance costs; and providing state and local recognition of professional competence.

The accreditation process occurs in eight phases: Interest and Contract; File Maintenance; Self-Assessment; On-Site Assessment and Evaluation; Accreditation Commission Review; Executive Board Review; Award; and Re-Accreditation.