Accreditation for Local Law Enforcement

[VIDEO] The Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the Shelton Police Department recently received accreditation from the Washington Association of Sheriff’s & Police Chiefs (WASPC). Sheriff Casey Salisbury told the Mason County Commission about the accreditation process during Tuesday’s commission meeting.

According to the WASPC website, Benefits of Accreditation Include increasing public confidence in the agency; increasing credibility; providing systemized agency self-assessment; broadening perspectives; intensifying administrative and operational effectiveness; ensuring recruitment, selection, and promotion processes are fair and equitable; strengthening understanding of agency policies and procedures by agency personnel; improving agency morale and pride; decreasing susceptibility to litigation and costly civil court settlements; potentially reducing liability insurance costs; and providing state and local recognition of professional competence.The Accreditation process occurs in eight phases: Interest and Contract; File Maintenance; Self-Assessment; On-Site Assessment and Evaluation; Accreditation Commission Review; Executive Board Review; Award; and Re-Accreditation.