County Commission Meets with Legislators

[VIDEO] Monday morning, the Mason County Commission met with 35th District Legislators Dan Griffey, Drew MacEwan and Tim Sheldon.

L to R: Mason County Commissioners Sharon Trask, Kevin Shutty & Randy Neatherlin (behind Shutty) and State Representatives Dan Griffey & Drew MacEwen

State Representatives Griffey and MacEwen attended the meeting in person while Senator Sheldon attended by phone as County officials discussed several projects including intending Belfair Sewer to the Puget Sound Industrial Complex, the State Route 3 Freight Corridor and the Skokomish Valley. The Legislators also heard from Mason County Auditor Paddy McGuire who talked about the State covering its share of election costs and Mason County Clerk Sharon Fogo who is asking for changes to statutes relating to bonds and publication costs.

The Legislators wrapped up the meeting by providing their priorities during the next session. Senator Sheldon said he will be focused on the Transportation Budget. Representative Griffey will continue working on legislation relating to sexual assault survivors, redefining theft, shooting ranges in the Tahuya Forest, increasing brain injury awareness when it comes to skateboarding, and K-8 funding for non-high school districts. Representative MacEwen’s priorities includes extending services beyond Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundaries and increasing the states reserves.

The Washington State Legislature starts its 60-day session on January 13, 2020.