Belfair Man Found Guilty of Murder

A Mason County Superior Court jury has found a 62-year-old Belfair man guilty of second degree murder for shooting an intruder he found showering in a building on his property in April of 2017.

The verdict came down Thursday and the jury found Bruce Fanning guilty in the death of 31-year-old Nathaniel Rosa of Bothell.

At approximately 7:50 AM Saturday, April 1, 2017, Fanning called 911 to report he had just shot and killed an intruder who was showering at his place of business at 1520 East Trails Road in Belfair. The business is one of two houses on the property with one Fanning’s primary residence and the other is his unoccupied place of business. Fanning told authorities that he went to the business and found forced entry. He walked inside and found an individual (later identified as Rosa) showering in the bathroom. Fanning exchanged words with Rosa. Fanning then went to his residence and retrieved a hand gun. He returned to the business, found Rosa still showering, made no verbal comments, shot four times, killing Rosa in the shower.

Fanning’s lawyer said the shooting was self-defense and claimed that when Fanning confronted Rosa, Rosa said, “I’ll kill you.” The defense also said Fanning’s mental state, a below-average IQ and an anxiety disorder, prevented him from being able to form an intent to kill Rosa.

Prosecutors said Rosa, who been drinking alcohol and walking in the cold, may have believed he was returning to a nearby friend’s house. And after the initial conformation, Fanning left, returned with a gun and shot Rosa three times.