NMSB Sets Replacement Levy Amount

[VIDEO] The North Mason School Board set the amount for its Replacement Levy for Education Support and Operations. Tuesday night, the school board authorized placing a four-year replacement levy on the February 11, 2020 special election ballot and will be asking voters to approve a rate of $2.36 per thousand of assessed value.

School District staff suggested the levy have a stagnant value over the four years collecting $5,758,085 each year. However, school board members were concerned that the set amount wouldn’t keep up with costs during the levy term especially with current growth projections. Enrollment in the North Mason School District is anticipated to be 10 percent over the next five years and 6 percent over the next 10 years.

After extensive discussion (click here to watch full discussion), the Board decided to maintain the levy rate for the four years which creates a graduated levy amount. Board President Craig Patti reads the numbers for each year.

The School District will begin educating voters on this levy almost immediately. Board Member Laura Boad will be discussing the levy in the December Board Letter. Superintendent Dana Rosenbach will likely talk about the levy at the November 25th meeting of the North Mason Community Voice. And the North Mason Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee has scheduled a levy presentation for their January “Meet & Munch.” MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will broadcast that 12 PM January 8, 2020 meeting live.