Port of Allyn Celebrates New Dock

[VIDEO] The Port of Allyn celebrated its new dock Monday morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Port Commissioners Scott Cooper, Ted Jackson and Judy Scott, State Representatives Dan Griffey and Steve Tharinger, Port Executive Director Lary Coppola, Port Operations Manager LeAnn Dennis and Direcotr of Maintenance Don O’Keefe participated in the ceremony.

The new dock is now a full service facility with power and water available for boats that moor at the pier on North Bay.

Lary Coppola is Executive Director of the Port of Allyn.

The project was the culminattion of almost two years of work due to a storm that damaged the dock which was eventually covered by insurance.

The upgrades were also funded by the state.

Port officials don’t have a final cost yet but Coppola told MasonWebTV Powered by HCC they are right around $300,000 with the left over funding going back to the state.