Shelton Hospital Association Donates $85,000 for Ultrasound Machines

(Photo by Arla Shephard Bull) From left: Shelton Hospital Association Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Kissner, Sonographer Krystal Navarrete, Public Hospital District Commissioner Don Wilson, DI Manager Shane Faford and Sonographer William Schwab stand with one of the new GE LOGIQ E10 ultrasound machines

From witnessing a new mother see her baby’s face for the first time in-utero to observing anatomical images never before seen on older technology, staff members in Mason General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department are raving about two new GE LOGIQ E10 ultrasound machines now in use at the Hospital. Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics would like to thank the Shelton Hospital Association for its generous donation of $85,000 toward the purchase of the two new machines, which have greatly enhanced workflow and the patient experience at the Hospital.

“The ultrasound machines are fantastic,” said Dr. Kevin Roscoe. “The images are so clear and precise. It’s like going from having a 1970s color TV to now having an HD TV. For the first time we’re seeing the uterus in its entirety on a pelvic ultrasound. We’re seeing anatomy we’ve never been able to see before with these new machines.”

The machines were installed at the end of September, and staff have been undergoing training to operate the new equipment. Providers can now record images in real-time without having to stop a procedure, and the enhanced contrast on the machines allows sonographers to better visualize tissue structure so they can easily detect lesions. With its 3D capabilities, the machines are a “big hit” with obstetrician/gynecologists, who now have superior quality images of prenatal babies and can more easily perform insertions of intrauterine devices, said DI Manager Shane Faford.

“There are so many features we haven’t yet tapped into that will save us so much time,” Faford said. “We’ve just scratched the surface. As for the images, the pictures of the prenatal babies are incredible. We had a mom react in shock that she could so clearly see that her baby’s face looked just like her husband’s. Breast biopsies are now easier because we can see where the lesions are, where the tears are. We’re seeing livers like we’ve never seen before. It’s phenomenal.”

The Diagnostic Imaging Department plans to start offering 3D ultrasound images to pregnant women if requested during their prenatal ultrasound checks, said Nicole Eddins, Senior Director of Diagnostics & Therapeutics. The ultrasound machines replace two older models; one older generation machine is still in operation. The Shelton Hospital plans to allocate more funds to the machines next year. 

“I am very thankful to the Shelton Hospital Association for the new machines,” Eddins said. “It has been a struggle over the years to see everything that we needed to. We are very excited to offer this technology at Mason General Hospital.”

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