Changes for Shelton/Matlock Road Interchange

The Washington State Department of Transportation is letting everyone about upcoming permanent changes for the US Highway 101/Shelton Matlock Road interchange.

The new southbound US 101 exit to Shelton-Matlock Road and the new path for Coffee Creek that will feed into Goldsborough Creek.

As early as late-November, contractor crews working for WSDOT will open the new southbound US 101 exit to Shelton-Matlock Road. The new exit is about 1,500 feet or the length of five football fields before the current southbound exit. This means that travelers will need to take the exit to Shelton-Matlock Road sooner than they are used to. Once the new exit to Shelton-Matlock Road is open, crews will close the existing exit.

Officials will announce the exact date the new exit will open once the information becomes available. The work leading up to the opening is weather dependent.

After the exit opens, crews plan temporary changes to the Shelton-Matlock Road and permanent changes to the Shelton-Matlock Road on-ramp to southbound US 101. Workers will shift Shelton-Matlock Road traffic onto a temporary two-lane bypass road. The new Shelton-Matlock on-ramp will also open.

This map illustrates all three changes planned for the US 101/Shelton-Matlock Road interchange.

The changes allow for a realignment of Coffee Creek into Goldsborough Creek. The project is part of WSDOT’s ongoing efforts to remove barriers to fish.