County 2020 Budget Workshops Continue

[VIDEOS] The Mason County Commission continued holding workshops on the 2020 budget with the Coroner, Clerk, Treasurer and District Court presenting their requests for next year on Monday.

Coroner Wes Stockwell was first. Some of the requests from the Coroner for next year include replacing the coroner’s van, a new contract for a pathologist, and an increase in funds for indigent burials. Stockwell did confirm that he will not seek re-election at the end of his current term.

Mason County Clerk Sharon Fogo came in after the Coroner. The Clerk’s 2020 budget includes realigning the salary for the chief deputy (which will be taken up outside the budget process), an increase in funds for overtime and office supplies, and an expected increase in passport request.

Most of the increases in Mason County Treasurer Lisa Frazier’s budget requests for next year are due to increased costs and charges.

Mason County District Court is looking to make some changes in 2020. Judge George Steele would like to bring on a 16-hour a week Court Commissioner and is requesting three more staff members to keep up with the Court’s caseload (District Court has over 23,000 open cases – any of which can be brought before the court at any time.)

The County Commissioners will hold a budget workshop on Support Services Tuesday morning with follow up budget workshops on Public Works and the Sheriff’s Office beginning at 9 AM.

The 2020 Preliminary Budget is due to
the public by Monday, November 18, 2019

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