Tornado Confirmed in Mason County

The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed a tornado in Mason County Friday night.

According to the results of a damage survey, between approximately 6:02 PM and 6:07 PM on the October 18th, the tornado touched down just southwest of the fire station on Pickering Road near Strong Road, traveled northeast for 0.68 miles before moving over the water of Pickering Passage and dissipating as a waterspout.

Right off of Pickering in Shelton.. CrazinessEdited: wow this went big fast!! More info and my interview is on tonight around 8pm on ABC?

Posted by Tayler Geiger on Friday, October 18, 2019

Video evidence (captured by Tayler Geiger and posted to Facebook) and reports from fire officials prompted the NWS to send a damage survey team to the area Saturday afternoon (Oct. 19th). Preliminary evaluation of the damage by the team concluded that the tornado reached an EF-1 rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale, with estimated maximum winds fo 90-100 MPH. The damage path was up to 90 yards in width and the tornado was estimated to be on the ground for about 5 minutes.

No injuries were reported and most of the damage was in the form of uprooted or snapped trees. Falling trees did impact at least two houses along the path, including one house that had two trees fall on the roof.