Op/Ed by Ken VanBuskirk: NM Emergency Management Campus Bond

I am not against the concept of a “campus” just the location.  For that reason  I went to Mason County Commissioners last March and asked them to conduct a feasibility study before signing a “non binding” letter of intent to utilize the existing fire station. It will be costly to retrofit the existing stormwater system on the property and there are unanswered questions regarding what are “essential” public facilities. Anyone that has been stuck in our daily gridlock realizes that our traffic infrastructure needs to be fixed before we build another “campus”!

I also went to the Chief Bakken and the NM fire commissioners and asked them to delay their feasibility study and consider other more buildable sites as alternatives. They did not.

 In my opinion the Old Belfair highway site is not the place to build a new fire station for our Belfair community for the next 50 plus years!  Realistically it should be up on the plateau where more cost effective development and growth is going to be.

Please consider before casting your vote, perhaps when you are stuck in traffic.

Ken VanBuskirk, Belfair