Record Number of Births in August at MGH

The Birth Center at Mason General Hospital set a new record in the month of August with 40 births taking place at the Hospital. New parents continue to choose Mason General Hospital to welcome their newborns into the world because of the exemplary care they receive from our Birth Center team, which includes Dr. Andrea Martin, MD, and Dr. Carey Martens, DO, Birth Center Manager Kris Gaa, 24 registered nurses and two certified nursing assistants.

From left to right: Devra Baumgartner, RN, Birth Center Team Manager Kris Gaa, RN, Dr. Andrea Martin, MD, Dr. Carey Martens, DO, Marica Thomas, RN, Danielle Hutchins, RN and Margaret Montoya, CNA.

The previous record for number of births at the Birth Center was 39 deliveries in May of 2009.

“It’s really exciting to see our numbers climbing,” Gaa said. “More people are choosing to deliver with us due to a couple of things. One is the addition of Dr. Martin and Dr. Martens. They are really great physicians who truly care about their patients and work hard to stay up to date on all the current standards of practice. Another reason I feel people are making the choice to come to the MGH Birth Center is for the more intimate feel of our unit. We are able to give a lot more attention to our patients than you find at large hospitals, and most of the time families keep the same nurse they had in labor for their postpartum period.”

The nurses at the Birth Center are smart, dedicated, and committed to our patients and to each other, Gaa added.

“I have entrusted them with the birth of my own grandchildren; I think that really says a lot for the quality of care they provide,” she said. “We don’t operate like a factory here.  Several of our nurses have worked at those types of facilities but choose to work at MGH so they can actually spend time with their patients. They work in obstetrics because they love birth and babies, not so they can drive up the numbers. Our nurses have the knowledge and ability to help with all types of birth plans, from non-medicated births to epidurals and Cesarean Sections.”

Five staff nurses are also Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), and many patients from surrounding counties come to the Birth Center for lactation assistance because it is difficult to find outpatient services. 

Those patients often end up choosing to deliver their next baby with Mason General Hospital, Gaa said.

“We have also had many people deliver here after comparing their friends and family’s experiences at bigger places,” she said. “We try hard to work with each individual’s birth plan. We include families in the process to the extent of the patient’s wishes, and we really try to provide personalized care.  Each of our babies receive a hand-made quilt and a hand-knitted/crocheted hat to keep, made by the lovely Christmastown Quilters group and a few private individuals. Additionally, we always encourage parents to call if they have any questions or need any assistance after they are discharged.  I think knowing you have someone to turn to can relieve some of the stress that occurs with a new baby.”

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