Green Diamond Opens Land for Hunting

Green Diamond Resource Company representatives Tuesday announced that the company has opened gates in its Washington operations for hunting and other recreation.

Green Diamond gates are typically orange with signs mounted next to them, explaining the type of access allowed in that area, explained Patti Case, public affairs manager. Recreation Access Permit areas are posted with signage explaining entry is limited to those with permits. In all other areas,
Case explained, a sign with a red dot means no motor vehicles are allowed and a green dot indicates licensed, street-legal motor vehicles are allowed on roads only and only during daylight hours.

According to Case, an orange sign indicates harvest or other activity is taking place. All recreation access to these areas is prohibited. “An open gate may be a sign that forest management activity is taking place,” she said. “Visitors should be cautious.”

“We ask that recreation seekers wear high visibility clothing for safety and that visitors exit Green Diamond’s forest land within one hour of sunset as indicated in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hunting regulations,” she said.