Frightened Neighbors Ask Council for Help

[VIDEOS] A group of property owners who live in the area known as the Library Hill Trail asked the Shelton City Council to help them with a homeless encampment and the resulted increased crime in the area. Tuesday night, a number of those residents told council members about numerous incidents that have them scared. These incidents include vandalism, car prowls, verbal abuse, public nudity, break-ins and stalking.

After the public comments, City Manager Jeff Niten summarized what the city is currently doing about the issue.

The conversation didn’t end there. At the end of the City Council’s meeting, Council Member Eric Onisko asked the Council to discuss options and implement a plan now.

Some of the possible options are increasing police presence in the area and closing the trail. However, the Police Department has staffing limitation and closing the trail may lead to other issues. Also, other areas of the City (as well as the County) are dealing with similar issues.

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