State House Reps in Olympia

The Legislature adjourned months ago but members of the state House are in Olympia for off-season committee meetings.  Dan Frizzell from the House Democratic Caucus has more.

It’s called committee assembly days: State representatives gather at the Capitol for two days of committee meetings and to caucus with their respective parties.  It happens at least once during every legislative recess, with two scheduled this year.  Representative Laurie Jinkins, the Tacoma Democrat who’s expected to be elected Speaker of the House when the Legislature convenes in January for the 2020 session, says it’s where a lot of the real work gets done.

JINKINS: “One of the really interesting things about committee days is hearing longer reports about concepts that then become bills. People see us in legislative session and bills that we’re hearing, but the interim is when members are working on those bills ahead of time, to make sure that they’ve kind of worked out details before session starts.”

The current edition of committee assembly days wraps up Friday afternoon, with another set for November twenty-first and twenty-second. The next regular session of the Legislature kicks off January 13, 2020, and is scheduled to adjourn for the year 60 days later. At the state Capitol, I’m Dan Frizzell.