Chalk the Walks Tuesday

The Shelton Mason County Chamber of Commerce is inviting everyone to Chalk the Walks on Tuesday.

For the sixth year, the Chamber is joining Chalk the Walks (a project of The Joy Team) to host a community-wide sidewalk chalking event. All you have to do is spend some time outside writing an uplifting message or create some chalk artwork on your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. Help make our community cheerful and entertaining for everyone to enjoy.

The Chamber is even offering several boxes of free chalk. Just stop by their office, 215 W Railroad Avenue in Shelton.

Here are some tips:
• Be respectful – consider your neighbors and others who will see your chalked walks.
• Remember the mission – the goal here is to spread joy, optimism and inspiration; if what you’re writing doesn’t accomplish that in a pure and simple way, please reconsider.
• Keep it clean – it’s very difficult to spread joy if your content is offensive; if an 8-year-old shouldn’t read it, don’t write it.
• Have fun – play is important to our mental and emotional health; connect with your inner child, be playful, have fun.

Last year’s Chalk the Walks event was hampered by smoke from wildfires. That will not be the case this year.

Here are videos of past Chalk the Walks: