Opinion Letter from Rob Drexler, Allyn

Here we go again. The Mason County Board of Commissioners once again show us their complete and total disregard for citizen input and transparent communication without games.


At the 3/13/12 BOCC meeting they approved a token effort by implementing the Advisory Committee for the Belfair Urban Growth Area. Against every testimony offered that morning, they chose to “gerrymander” the makeup of the committee thereby strategically (and I believe) purposefully eliminating the individuals and businesses owners from Belfair that have been most engaged, worked the hardest, and yes, been the most critical of the problems created by the mismanaged Belfair Sewer Project. Does this feel retaliatory? To those of us who have attempted to engage with them and seek solutions over the past year, absolutely!


It seems that in order to sidestep the actual problem the commission created a committee that has no teeth just to satisfy (read shut up) those of us actually trying to come up with real solutions. This seems to be the typical “MO” for this BOCC as evidenced by the many commission meetings where every person who testified said essentially the same thing just to have our “representatives” ignore their constituents and vote the way they had already decided prior to the meeting. This sort of “representation” cannot continue, therefore come November we need to effect real change in hopes of having true, honest dialogue with elected officials that will actually listen and respect democracy.