Primary Election Results as of 4 PM 8/7/19

The Elections officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted nearly 1700 more ballots from Tuesday’s Primary Election and there are no changes in the latest results. Mason County’s Public Safety Sales Tax increase in still failing; McDowell and Jewett are still the top two candidates for Shelton City Council No. 2; and Johnson, Homan and Olsen are still leading their respective Southside School Board races.

The number now show the measure to increase sale tax three-tenths of a percent for Public Safety is failing with just under 60 percent voting “No”. That’s 8,735 (59.83%) to 5,864 (40.17%) “Yes” votes. The number of Undervotes (some one who didn’t vote on the measure is now 21.

In the Primary race for Shelton City Council No. 2, incumbent Kathy McDowell is still the leader with 515 votes (43.68%) followed by Dean Jewett’s 255 votes (21.63%). Steven Peters is only 54 votes behind Jewett with 201 votes (17.05%). Donald Coots in the fourth person in the race and has 166 votes (14.08%). There are also 42 Write-ins (3.56%), 104 undervotes (some one who didn’t vote for any candidate), and 6 overvotes (some one who voted for more than one candidate). If the numbers hold, McDowell and Jewett will be the top two candidates to advance to the November General Election.

In the race for Southside School Board Position No. 1, John E. Johnson increased his lead and now has 207 votes (42.76%). Don Robbins follows with 161 votes (34.04%). And the third candidate in the race, Tim Tyler, has 92 votes (19.45%). There are also 13 write-ins (2.75%) and 115 undervotes. It appears Johnson will face Robbins in November.

Brandon Homan is still on top in the race for Southside School Board Position No. 2 with 194 votes (41.28%) followed by Laurie Cox who has 165 votes (35.11%). The third candidate in this race is Megan Pierce who received 101 votes (21.49%). There are 10 write-ins in this race and 118 undervotes. If these numbers hold, Homan and Cox will advance the to General Election.

There is a closer race for Southside School Board Position No. 4. Gigi Olsen is sitting in the top spot with 225 votes (46.58%) while six votes separate the other two candidates in the race. Matt Jewett has 127 votes (26.29%) and Don Pogreba has 121 votes (25.05%). There are 10 write-ins and 105 undervotes in this race. Olsen has secured one spot on the November Ballot but at this time, it is too early to determine the Jewett/Pogreba race.

The election will be certified on August 20th.