City Sewer Receives Outstanding Performance Award

[VIDEO] The City of Shelton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant has earned an Outstanding Performance Award for 2018. Pat Bailey, Senior Compliance Specialist from the Washington State Department of Ecology presented the award to the City during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Over the years, the City has received over 20 of these awards. The 2018 award is their third in a row.

City of Shelton News Release on Award:

Shelton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Receives Outstanding Performance Award from WA State Department of Ecology

The City of Shelton wastewater treatment plant has been awarded the 2018
Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance Award from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Of approximately 300 wastewater treatment plants in the state of Washington, Shelton’s plant is one of 109 that achieved full compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination system permit in 2018. This is the third consecutive year the City’s wastewater treatment plant has received this esteemed recognition.

“It takes diligent operators and a strong management team, working effectively together, to achieve this high level of compliance,” said Water Quality Program Manager Heather Bartlett. “It’s not easy to operate a wastewater treatment plant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without violations. The Department of Ecology appreciates the extraordinary level of effort demonstrated by your plant operators. Talented and proficient operators are critical to successful plant operations and protecting the health of Washington’s waters.”

The Wastewater Treatment Outstanding Performance Award is awarded to wastewater treatment plants across the state for compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination system permit, including effluent limits, monitoring and reporting requirements, spill prevention planning,
pretreatment, and overall operational demands.

“The City of Shelton has historically taken extra precautions to ensure that our wastewater treatment plant exceeds the Department of Ecology testing standards,” said Public Works Director Craig Gregory. “We are sensitive to the nearby shellfish industry and the surrounding environment and are committed to maintaining an elevated standard of performance.”

When water flows down a sink or toilet drain into the City’s sewer lines, it eventually ends up at the wastewater treatment plant for processing. During treatment, organic solids are extracted and the remaining wastewater is run through digesters with microorganisms that destroy most of the disease causing bacteria. The wastewater then passes through powerful ultraviolet sterilizers that eliminate any remaining bacteria before it is safely returned to the environment.

Wastewater treatment is a vital public service that helps keep our community healthy and the environment safe. The City’s recently upgraded wastewater treatment plant cleanses approximately 868 million gallons of water each year that is used for activities like washing dishes, bathing, and using the toilet. This prevents potentially harmful contaminants from entering local waterways like Goldsborough Creek, Shelton Creek, Oakland Bay, and Hammersley Inlet.