Initial Primary Election Results

The initial results from Tuesday’s Primary Election show that the Public Safety Sales Tax is failing; McDowell and Jewett leading the race for Shelton City Council No. 2; and Johnson, Homan and Olsen at the top of their respective Southside School Board races.

Over 60 percent of voters are rejecting Mason County’s measure to increase sales tax three-tenths of a percent to help fund public safety. The first set of numbers released just after 8 PM Tuesday had 60.5 percent (7,822 voters) saying “No” while 39.5 percent (5,106 voters) saying “Yes”.

For the Shelton City Council No. 2, incumbent Kathy McDowell leads the way with 465 votes (45.15%) followed by Dean Jewett with 209 votes (20.29%). Steven Peters is currently third in the race with 165 votes (16.02%). The fourth candidate in the race, Donald Coots, garnered 153 votes (14.85%). There were also 38 write-in votes (3.69%), 84 undervotes (some one who didn’t vote for any of the candidates), and 6 overvotes (some one who voted for more than one candidate). If the numbers hold, McDowell will face Jewett in the General Election.

In the Southside School District:
John E. Johnson leads the race for School Board Position No. 1 with 175 votes (42.48%) followed by Don Robbins with 140 votes (33.98%). The third person in the race is Tim Tyler who garnered 86 votes (20.87%). There are also 11 write-ins and 91 undervotes.

In the race for Position No. 2, Brandon Homan leads with 167 votes (40.83%), followed by Laurie Cox with 143 votes (34.96%) and Megan Pierce has 89 votes (21.76%). There are also 10 write-ins and 94 undervotes.

And Gigi Olson leads the face for Position No. 4 with 193 votes (45.52%) followed by Matt Jewett with 117 votes (27.59%) and then Don Pogreba with 105 votes (24.76%). There are also 9 write-ins and 79 undervotes.

More ballots will be counted Wednesday.