Property Owners Vote for Spencer Lake Management District

The majority of the property owners around Spencer Lake have voted to to form a 10-year Lake Management District (LMD). Ballots were mailed to 185 parcels in the LMD with 112 ballots returned by the July 17th due date.

The owners with lakefront access to Spencer Lake will pay 23 cents per thousand of assessed value beginning in 2020. This assessment is expected to generate about $14,000 next year for noxious aquatic plant control..

The next step is for the Mason County Commission to adopt an ordinance officially creating the Lake Management District No. 3 and set a public hearing for September 17th to hear objections. Action on the ordinance and setting the hearing is scheduled for August 13th. Objections must be in writing and are due to the County’s Support Services by September 6th.

Notice of the hearing and instructions on how to file an objection will be sent to all landowners in the Spencer Lake Lake Management District.

The Mason County Commission was updated on the on the status of the LMD during briefings Monday.