City Supports Public Safety Sales Tax

[VIDEO] The Shelton City Council passed a resolution Tuesday night supporting Mason County’s Public Safety Sales Tax Proposition voters will find on the August 6th Primary Election Ballot. Shelton Mayor Bob Rogers:

Council Member Joe Schmit:

If approved by voters, the proposition would increase the sales tax in unincorporated Mason County by three-tenths (0.3%) of a percent and increase the sales tax in the City of Shelton two-tenths of percent (0.2%). The County’s sales tax rate would go from 8.5 percent to 8.8 percent. The City’s sales tax rate would increase from 8.8 percent to 9 percent.

The increased sales tax is expected to generate about $1.3 Million for the County and $800,000 for the City. These funds would be used exclusively for criminal justice purposes. For the County that includes jail services, District Court, mental Health, Peer and Re-entry Services, Pre-Trial Services, Public Defense, Court Clerks and the Prosecutor’s Office. The City plans to use the funds for two additional police officer positions, purchase new law enforcement vehicles and specialized public safety equipment, fund two social worker positions focused on addressing local homelessness, and inmate outsourcing.

Last week, the North Mason Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee held an information meeting on the topic of the Public Safety Sales Tax. Among the speakers were Mason County Commissioner Kevin Shutty, Shelton Police Chief Darin Moody, Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury, and Mason County Jail Chief Kevin Hanson. Powered by HCC was on hand for the meeting.

Ballots for the primary election should be in the mail this week. Every registered voter in Mason County will find the Public Safety Sales on their ballot.

Those in the City of Shelton will also decide on the top two candidates for Shelton City Council Member No. 2. Dean Jewett, (incumbent) Kathy McDowell, Steven Peters and Donald Coots are vying for the seat.

Southside School District voters will also find three primary races for school board:
John E. Johnson, Tim Tyler and (incumbent) Don Robbins are running for Southside School Board Director Position No. 1.
Laurie Cox (incumbent), Megan Pierce and Brandon Homan are running for Southside School Board Director Position No. 2.
And Eugenie (Gigi) Olsen, Matt Jewett and (incumbent) Don Pogreba are running for Southside School Baord Director Position No. 4.