Fireworks Illegal within Shelton City Limits

The City of Shelton encourages residents to attend a public fireworks display conducted by licensed pyrotechnicians to enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July. All fireworks are illegal in the City of Shelton. Don’t get burned! Fireworks violations are a misdemeanor and subject to a fine. Call 360-426- 4441 to report suspected violations.

“While we understand the excitement and fun of fireworks, we also understand the potential dangers of discharging them,” said Chief Darrin Moody. “The ordinance banning fireworks was established in an effort to provide a safer community. Please stay safe this Fourth of July and think of your neighbors. Nobody wants to see someone get hurt, or property burned, as the result of a careless act.”

The Shelton Police Department and Mason County Fire & EMS will have extra patrols and staff on hand for the Fourth of July.


Why are fireworks illegal in the City of Shelton?
Fireworks were banned by the City of Shelton in 2013. Residents expressed their concern about fireworks going off in neighborhoods before, during and after the Fourth of July. Besides the noise, the City received frequent complaints about fire danger, litter, traumatized military veterans and scared pets.

Are any fireworks legal inside city limits?
Only public firework displays that are permitted by the City of Shelton and conducted by a licensed pyrotechnician are permitted inside city limits.

Where are fireworks legal?
Generally, possession and discharge of fireworks is legal within the jurisdiction where they were lawfully purchased. Some jurisdictions may have date and time restrictions for discharge, as well as temporary bans and/or seasonal restrictions due to extreme fire hazards. Be sure to check with local jurisdictions on current fireworks regulations.

What if I buy fireworks in another city or on Tribal Land?
Even if you legally purchase fireworks somewhere else and bring them inside the City of Shelton, you risk being fined and having them confiscated. Remember, many of the fireworks purchased on Tribal Land are only legal to discharge on Tribal Land.

What will happen if I am contacted by the Shelton Police Department for possession or discharge of fireworks?
The primary goal of the Shelton Police Department is to educate the community on current fireworks regulations. However, officers have the discretion to determine what course of action is appropriate. The types and quantities of fireworks, manner of discharge, and cooperation with the officer may affect their decision. Their primary goal is to ensure the safety of Shelton residents. Repeated offenses may result in enforcement action. In all cases, fireworks are subject to seizure and destruction.

What should I do if I find unexploded fireworks?
Contact the Shelton Police Department at (360) 426-4441.

Protect your pets during the Fourth of July by keeping them secure indoors. Loud noises can cause pets stress, and may cause them to run away. Please insure they have two forms of identification (e.g. nametag, microchip, dog license) as this is extremely helpful when attempting to reunite you with your pet. If you are looking for your lost pet, contact the Shelton Animal Shelter at 360-427-7503.