Standoff Near Matlock

Two people were arrested Thursday morning after an assault near Matlock led to a standoff.

According to Mason County Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling, deputies responded to the 3700 block of West Beeville Loop Road about 3:30 AM after a man allegedly attacked his parents.

When deputies arrived, the suspect grabbed his daughters (ages 2 and 5) and ran into a trailer.

Deputies also noticed ammunition and a fire arm when they arrived but both were missing after the man barricaded himself in the trailer. That is when the SWAT Team was called in.

The standoff ended when the suspect surrendered.

No injuries were reported and the children have been turned over to child protective services.

The man faces several charges including assault, child endangerment and felony possession of firearms.

The suspect’s fiancee was also arrested. She faces numerous charges as well including obstructing law enforcment.

Officers were clear of the scene around 10 AM.