Animals Rescued in Cruelty Case

More than 30 animals were rescued from a home off Somers Drive Thursday in an animal cruelty case. The Mason County Sheriff’s Office says 27 cats, seven chickens and two horses were rescued from the property with the help of Pasado Animal Rescue from Snohomish County and Hooved Aminal Rescue of Thurston County. However, one horse had to be euthanized.

Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling told MasonWebTV Powered by HCC deputies received pictures and information on the conditions of the animals on the property. “The horse that we saw in the photographs – probably the worst I’ve ever seen as far as malnutrition and neglect.”

A deputy then contacted the owners.

“The owners were cooperative with all the animals on the outside allowing us to see but they would let us see all the cats on the inside,” Spurling said that the deputy saw a cat with an extremely infected eye (a vet later removed the eye) along with the malnourished horse.

These conditions prompted the Sheriff’s Office to contact Pasado for assistance.

“We know that we don’t have the resources to secure and rescue all those animals so we reached out to Pasado,” the Chief explained. “They mobilized Hooved Rescue out of Thurston County. They got a vet from Kitsap County. They got all these grates; all these volunteers. When we seized the animals, they took them all and provide care for all of them.”

The owners, who have pasts convictions for animal cruelty, were not arrested but deputies are recommending prosecutors filed charges.

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  1. I don’t understand how these types of cases go unpunished. Why did they have more animals in their possession anyway? I have been following quite a few animal abuse/neglect cases lately, and they are taking forever to prosecute. Put them on an offender list as they do for pedophiles

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