DOH Revokes Nurse’s License

The State Department of Health, through its Health Systems Quality Assurance Division, has revoked the license of a local nurse and suspended the license of another.

In May 2019 the secretary of health permanently revoked the licensed practical nurse credential of Michael R. Gullett (LP00050848). In 2018 Gullett was charged with three counts of indecent liberties in connection with alleged sexual abuse of a 92-year-old dementia patient at a rehabilitation center where he worked. Gullett’s license was immediately suspended in March 2019.

In April 2019 the Nursing Commission indefinitely suspended the licensed practical nurse credential of Bevin Lamreux Crotty (LP60804175). Crotty couldn’t be found when she was to board a school bus with a special-needs student for whom she was assigned to provide care. Crotty was then seen coming from the vicinity of a men’s bathroom, confused, disheveled, disoriented, and with blood on her sweatshirt. Staff members reported finding blood splatter and a duct-tape tourniquet in the bathroom. Crotty boarded the bus to escort the student, but when a school district administrator and law enforcement contacted her after she left the bus, the administrator observed that she had blood on her hands and sweatshirt, that her pupils were constricted and pinpoint, and that her reactions were slow. Crotty wouldn’t submit to a drug screen, but later told a Department of Health investigator that she is a former heroin user.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions and advisory committees to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (e.g., medical doctors, nurses, counselors).

Information about health care providers is on the agency’s website. Click on “Look up a health care provider license” in the “How Do I?” section of the Department of Health home page ( The site includes information about a health care provider’s license status, the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally are also encouraged to call and report their complaint.