Olympic Highway North Lane Closures Tuesday

On Tuesday, June 4th between 9 AM and 4 PM, Olympic Highway North will be reduced to one lane between 7th Street and C Street. Expect 15 to 20 minute periodic delays. Crews will be prepping the road for project completion in the coming weeks. Please use Highway 101 as the primary detour route on Tuesday to reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area.

Northcliff Scheduled to Reopen Friday

Crews have been working to address the moisture level issues with the sub-grade material underneath the existing roadway that extended the expected closure time of Northcliff Road. The City of Shelton says crews are ready to move forward with paving. That means fresh new blacktop coming soon. At this point, it is anticipated that Northcliff will be reopened by Friday. However, the intersection at 1st & Alder will remain closed.

As a reminder, all businesses near the 1st & Alder intersection are open during construction. While it may take a little more effort to access the parking lot while crews are working on roadway improvements, our friends at Kobe Teriyaki, New Smile Denture Clinic, Northwest Clothing Company, Mickey’s Deli, Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation, City Center Motel, Subway, and Salon KSB would appreciate the continued support.

The easiest way to access the business complex on the west side of the 1st & Alder intersection is from West Birch Street between 1st Street and 2nd Street. Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation and City Center Motel can be accessed from North Front Street. Subway is accessible from East Pine Street.