Standoff in Agate Area Ends with Arrest

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office says a standoff with an assault suspect in the Agate area Tuesday night ended with the arrest of the suspect after about four hours.

Picture from Mason County Sheriff’s Office Twitter page.

According to Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling, the incident started with the report of an assault with a firearm in the 500 block of E. Old Farm Road around 6 PM.

As Deputies responded to the address to talk with the victim, the suspect returned to the house and barricaded himself in the garage. Due to the suspect’s previous history and a weapon being involved, the SWAT team was called in about 7:30.

Spurling told MasonWebTV Powered by HCC, Deputies used an armored vehicle to safely approach the house.

“It was a big open area and you couldn’t get close to the house without being fully exposed,” the Chief explained. “We couldn’t even get up to view the front door the way the geography was there.”

Spurling said the vehicle was key.
“The tactical vehicle was a critical element. Being able to get up in there, get eyes on and make sure he wasn’t going to go out and injure anybody else.”

The SWAT team uses several different tools to resolve these types of situations including negotiators and tactical deescalation methods. However, this standoff ended with the use of tear gas..

“What eventually allowed us to gain access to him was gas deployment in the house to where he was overwhelmed by the gas.” Spurling also clarified the suspect was the only person in the house.

He was taken into custody about 11 PM.