Campaign-Finance Transparency Now Law

A new law requiring more campaign-finance transparency from political action committees was signed by Governor Jay Inslee this week in Olympia. Dan Frizzell from the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has that story.

We’ve all heard or seen it: that little tag at the end of a political spot saying the ad was sponsored by an innocent sounding outfit with a name like Americans for America, or Citizens for Clean Air. Those names tell voters essentially nothing, and often are political action committees, or PACs, created by groups whose real agenda might be just the opposite. Until now in Washington state, deep-pocketed donors could funnel money to these PACs and remain safely anonymous. Thanks to a new law sponsored by Representative Mike Pellicciotti, that anonymity will be a thing of the past.  Here’s Pellicciotti:

PELLICCIOTTI: “It’s very frustrating for voters, when you’re getting a political ad from a particular political action committee and you really don’t know who’s funding it.  It should be incumbent on those doing the political ads to fully disclose to voters who they are. It shouldn’t be incumbent on the average person who’s getting a mailer in their mailbox or watching a political ad on TV to have to do the research to see who’s doing that ad.”

Pellicciotti, a Democratic lawmaker from Federal Way and a former prosecuting attorney, worked on his legislation for two years, and saw that effort come to fruition when it was signed into law Tuesday in Olympia.  At the state Capitol, I’m Dan Frizzell.