Council Not Moving Ahead with Salary Commission

The Shelton City Council will not be forming a salary commission to look at salaries and benefits for council members, this year. The City Council discussed the topic during a special study session Tuesday night.

During the study session, the Council was presented with the salaries of comparable city councils which ranged from $100 a month to $600 a month with the mayor, in most cases, receiving more. Some Councils have benefits such as health, dental and vision while others do not.

Four Shelton City Council members are paid $500 a month while the other three – who were elected as commissioners prior to the council’s formation – are paid $1,300 a month, $70 per meeting (with a maximum salary of $25,400 annuall) plus benefits. Two of those seats are up for re-election this fall but the salary of the newly elected council members will be $500.

The majority of the Council said they were fine with the salary and didn’t think it was the appropriate time to review salaries. The Council told City Manager Jeff Niten to take the issue off his work load this year but might ask him to bring it back next year or later.