Bill Concerning Salary Info Approved

Washington lawmakers sent to the governor Thursday what’s being called the strongest pay-transparency law in the nation. Dan Frizzell from
the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has that story.

DOLAN: “Women and people of color are historically underpaid and when they’re already underpaid and underemployed, and they want to find a new job, the last question they want to answer when they go into to apply for the new job is, ‘tell me how much you’re making now, tell me your salary history.'”

That’s Representative Laurie Dolan, speaking on the House floor Thursday on her bill to prohibit employers from asking about a job applicant’s pay history.  Dolan, a Democrat from Olympia, sees the move as a way to boost the economy and help lift working families out of poverty.

DOLAN: “House Bill 1696 fixes that problem by taking that question out of the interview process.  It’s a new tool in the toolbox. Because persistent pay inequity hurts everybody in Washington.  When women make not enough money, families don’t have enough money.”

The bill also calls on employers to provide the pay range for the job title to applicants and to current employees who request the information. Final passage came with three days left in the legislative session, which is on track to conclude for the year on Sunday. In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.