NM Voice Gets Update on Belfair Bypass

[VIDEO] Michele Britton from the Washington State Department of Transportation was the featured speaker at the North Mason Community Voice meeting Monday. Britton provided a brief update on the Belfair Bypass which is now called the “SR3, Freight Corridor.” Britton talked about the project, its connections, provided a timeline and answered questions from an audience of about 80 people.

Britton was not able to answer some specific question as they are just beginning design work and have yet to finalize how the corridor will connect to the existing highway. There are also several unknowns relating to the south connection near State Route 302 and the north connection near Lake Flora Road.

There is also the possibility the corridor could be shorter than the proposed six miles depending on available funds when construction begins in the summer of 2022. However, there is $66.9 Million allocated to the project that has been in the works for decades.

A contentious aspect of the corridor is the approved connections along the freight corridor. One proposed at the Mason/Kitsap County Line. The other is proposed to connect to Romance Hill Road. Several residents are opposed to the Romance Hill connection. However, the Mason County Commission approved creating a County Road Project for the Romance Hill-Belfair Freight Corridor Connector during their meeting Tuesday night.

On February 19th, Britton made a more detailed presentation on the SR3, Freight Corridor to the Mason County Commission.

More information can also be found online through the projects website: