Setting Salaries for Elected Officials

[VIDEO] The Mason County Commission plans to increase the salaries of other county elected officials. The question is what is the best method to be fair and equitable especially when it comes to the Sheriff.

In 2016, the Auditor’s, Assessor’s, Clerk’s, Coroner’s and Treasurer’s salaries were amended to 95% of the highest paid Mason County Commissioner and the Sheriff’s salary was increased to 22% above the Elected Official’s salary.

The proposals being considered by the County Commissioners now are increasing Elected Salaries to 100% of Commissioners salary in 2020 and increasing the Sheriff’s salary to 5 percent above the salary of the Undersheriff. These proposals were created after staff looked at the salaries of elected officials in comparable counties.

The ideas of establishing a County Salary Commission or tying salaries to District or Superior Court Judges which are set by the State’s Salary Commission are no longer being considered. This has split the Board of Commissioners and became clear during Monday’s briefing:

The earliest possible date for County Commission action on salaries is May 7th.

Meanwhile, the Shelton City Council will be looking into their salaries next Tuesday. When the Council was created last year, the City Commission set compensation for the incoming council members at an average of the salaries from adjancent city councils which is $500 a month with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor getting a small percentage more. The City Commissioners believed the new council should have a say in how much they should be compensated for their time and if other benefits should also be included. This compensation issue came up during the City Council’s meeting last week.