Recycling Development Center Bill Passes House

If you think you’re a good recycler, you might be wrong, and that’s causing big problems. A new state law is designed to get you on the right track.  Dan Frizzell has more.

Washingtonians are big on recycling, but that enthusiasm for doing the right thing has led to what state Representative Jared Mead calls “wish-cycling.” We tend to throw pretty much everything into the recycling bin, including a lot of things that don’t belong there, and one result is that China and several other countries are now refusing to accept raw recycling material from the United States. Mead, a freshman Democrat from Mill Creek, wrote a bill to fix the problem by having the departments of Ecology and Commerce draw up guidelines to help counties, consumers and businesses.

MEAD: “Not only are the things that are being recycled not necessarily even recyclable themselves, they’re also contaminating the recyclable materials. China’s not accepting our recycling so it’s overflowing, it’s going into our landfills, it’s going into our waterways, it’s polluting our air. This bill is going to help us get on the right track to have a cleaner environment moving forward for our future generations, for my son’s generation, to just live in a cleaner world.”

Mead’s bill made it through both the House and Senate and now awaits Governor Jay Inslee’s signature to become law. In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.