Traffic Signal Boxes Get Face Lifts

Three of the traffic signal boxes in Shelton are looking a lot more colorful than they did a couple week ago thanks to three talented Shelton area artists and a generous donation from the Martha Reed Foundation. The mundane metal boxes that hold the signal equipment are now canvases for the artist’s works, injecting a little fun and beauty into the streetscape.

L to R: Amy Cooper (Shelton Arts Commission) Tad Smith, Mariah Frazier, Lisa Frazier, Kelly Frazier, Tanya Frazier, Melanie Bakala, Todd Ramsfield (Martha Reed Foundation)

Early in 2018, the Martha Reed Foundation approached the City and generously offered to sponsor a community art project. The traffic signal box wrap project was suggested and the City gladly agreed to facilitate the project in partnership with the Shelton Arts Commission.

Kenneth Kiser, Steele Bridge
Railroad Ave & 7th St

In September of 2018, the Parks & Recreation Department issued a request for artwork submissions from members of the community. A number of fantastic qualifying entries were received from several talented community members committed to working together to make this community project a
success. In October, qualifying entries were presented to the public in a survey to narrow the field down to three finalists, garnering just under 700 responses.

Faith Scherr, Orange Octopus
Olympic Highway North & K St.

The Shelton Arts Commission approved the top three selections during a commission meeting in late October prior to final consideration by the Shelton City Council. Funding provided by the Martha Reed Foundation covered the production and installation costs for two of the wraps.

Neal Winder, Safe Harbor
N 13th St. & Northcliff Rd.

“We are very grateful to the Martha Reed Foundation and the artists for making this project possible,” said Community Development Director Mark Ziegler. “The wraps are a great way to liven up our utilitarian infrastructure, feature artwork in our community, and make the City a little more colorful and engaging to be in.”

The Martha Reed Foundation is a grassroots group of Mason County residents with the intent on making a difference in the local community. They believe that “Giving is Living” and our small community has
the ability to make a huge impact. “The traffic box wrap project was a simple way to bring beauty and interest to otherwise drab, boring infrastructure,” said Tanya Strozyk-Frazier, Treasurer.

The City is currently exploring options for expanding the project to include the remaining traffic signal boxes throughout Shelton.