City Grateful to Reps for Securing State Funding

Shelton City Manager Jeff Niten thanked Representative Drew MacEwen and Representative Dan Griffey Monday for their hard work in securing over a million dollars in the House version of the 2019 state budgets for two separate capital improvement projects in the City of Shelton. The Washington State House of Representatives released their version of the operating, capital, and transportation budgets earlier this afternoon. The Senate is expected to follow up with the release of their budget blueprints for the 2019-21 biennium later this week.

“We are very grateful to Representative MacEwen and Representative Griffey for working so hard to secure state funding for the City of Shelton,” said City Manager Jeff Niten. “The release of the House version of the state budgets is an important first step in the legislative process, and we are excited to see that funds have been earmarked for these significant improvements in Shelton. We look forward to continuing to work with our State Legislative Delegation in the coming weeks as they work to finalize the 2019 budgets.”

$283,000 is currently earmarked in the capital budget for resurfacing the gravel parking lot and installing a selection of recreational amenities in the 400 block of West Cota Street east of the Shelton Civic Center. Through a variety of public outreach efforts, including the development of the Downtown Vision Plan, this project was identified to provide additional parking and community recreation amenities in the downtown core, including basketball hoops and pickleball courts.

$750,000 is set aside in the transportation budget for intersection improvements at Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Shelton Springs Road as part of Access Shelton Phase 3B. The estimated $2.3 million dollar project will include the replacement of the aging, low functioning traffic signal with a single-lane traffic circle, streetlights, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and stormwater upgrades. Wallace Kneeland Boulevard is a National Highway System Route that connects the east Mason County industrial area with north Shelton and U.S. Highway 101, and provides access to Shelton High School, Oakland Bay Junior High School, and the future site of the Shelton YMCA.

The City of Shelton is part of Washington’s 35th Legislative District, represented by Senator Tim Sheldon, and State Representatives Drew MacEwen and Dan Griffey.

These requests were made prior to the legislative session: