Shelton Adds New Officers, Names Officers of Year

Four Shelton police officers were recognized during the Shelton City Council meeting Tuesday night. Mayor Bob Rogers administered the oath of office to two new officers joining the Shelton Police Department:
Officer Cody Barry and Officer James Belleville.

Chief Darrin Moody named Officer Krista Harper as Reserve Officer of the Year, and Officer Ciara Paulsen as Officer of the Year.

Officer Cody Barry
Cody was hired as a reserve police officer in May 2018. Cody originally applied for an entry-level position but was not selected. He decided to move to Shelton from Bellingham to attend the Reserve Officer Academy, because Shelton is where he wanted to work. He left his job and home to start the Reserve Academy. He quickly rose to the top of his class, and was always dependable and ready to volunteer. It became clear early on that Cody was the type of Officer the department was looking for. Midway through the Reserve Academy, the Department offered him a full time job upon graduation from the Reserve Academy. After his completion of the Reserve Academy, he went on to graduate from the Police Academy in Burien. Cody started as a full time officer with the Shelton PD last month.

Officer James Belleville
James started as Reserve Officer and graduated from the Reserve Academy in 2015. He was later hired as the Animal Control/Code Enforcement Officer for the Shelton PD in June of 2017. James continued to volunteer as Reserve Police Officer while working his full time position. He was always available to help with other “duties as assigned” and worked to kick-start the City’s code enforcement program. He received several commendations as the Code Enforcement Officer during his two year tenure. He was hired as a full time police officer last month and will be attending the Academy after he completes initial Field Training.

Reserve Officer of the Year – Officer Krista Harper
Krista was hired in May 2018. She is a graduate of Shelton PD’s Regional Reserve Academy. She has logged more volunteer reserve hours than any other reserve police officer, and has participated in several community functions, including Coffee with a Cop. Krista has a positive attitude that is
contagious, and has yet to be seen without a smile on her face. The Department is lucky to have her.

Police Officer of the Year – Officer Ciara Paulsen
Ciara came to Shelton in August of 2017 from Suffolk, Virginia. During Ciara’s short time in Shelton, she has already received three letters of commendation. The Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
has also recognized her work in traffic enforcement. For her diligence in exemplifying the mission and values of the Shelton PD, Ciara has been nominated by her peers and supervisors as Shelton Police
Officer of the Year.