Bill Requires Increased Appliance Efficiency

Smartphones are everywhere, but lawmakers in Olympia are looking toward the day when everything electrical we own is smart . . . and efficient.  Dan Frizzell from the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has more.

For Representative Jeff Morris, the future can’t get here fast enough. One part of that future he’s looking forward to is more efficient home and business appliances. By that he means appliances that use less electricity, of course, but there’s more. He’s talking about water heaters that know to draw power from the grid in the middle of the night when it’s cheaper. He’s talking about battery chargers that know when to sleep, the kind of plant you want supplying your electrical power . . . in essence, smart homes and smart grids.  All this ties into a bill he’s sponsoring in Olympia, and when he talks about it, the Mount Vernon Democrat brings it back to that smartphone:

MORRIS: “You’ll have the choice of looking at your smartphone and get an app and say ‘I want the greenest power available, I want the lowest carbon footprint, those are my values I get to bring to the grid now with investments I’ve made in a smart thermostat and a smart water heater, dishwashers and washers that can talk to each other.’ You’re going to be able to bring your values to the grid as opposed to the grid bringing its values to you.”

Morris’s futuristic appliance efficiency bill was OK’d by the House and just had a hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy and Technology. If it passes that chamber and is signed by Governor Inslee, it’s expected to save Washington consumers as much as two billion dollars in the next 15 years.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.