City Crews Demolish House on E Street

The property located at 405 East E Street was demolished this morning by City crews, ending a multi-year effort to restore compliance with city code and eliminate a public hazard.

In early 2015, several complaints were filed with the City regarding a variety of code enforcement issues, including a collection of junk vehicles at the property and excessive amounts of garbage in the yard. In an effort to assist the property owner with cleaning up the site, the City arranged for large dumpsters to be delivered at the property. No efforts were made to reduce the public nuisance. By February of 2016, the City issued a notice declaring the structure unsuitable for occupancy.

In April of 2016, the City of Shelton Hearing Examiner ruled that the structure was a hazard and ordered the owner and/or lending agency to demolish the property or bring it into compliance with city code. The City was granted authority to demolish the structure if the property owner
or lending agency failed to do so.

In late 2016, over forty yards of debris was removed from the exterior of the house as part of a United Way Day of Caring clean-up event. The City was hopeful that this would have led to a renewed interest in bringing the site up to code, and a possible sale of the property.

In January of 2019, a structure fire severely damaged the house, rendering it entirely unsafe for future occupancy. No action was taken by the owner or lending agency to abate the property.

In March of 2018, the City was contracted for abatement. The City has placed a lien on the property for all costs associated with the demolition and cleanup.

“These situations are difficult to manage,” said Community Development Director Mark Ziegler. “The City endeavors to work with property owners to voluntarily bring their property into compliance with city code – it is much more cost effective for the City and property owners to do so. In extreme cases like this, the City is forced to take action to protect the community from a clearly dangerous situation.”