Watch Port of Dewatto Public Forum

The Port of Dewatto held a public forum Saturday. Originally, the meeting was a special commission meeting to gather information and input from the community on the future of Port and its Comprehensive Plan. However, only one commissioner, Dave Haugen, was able to attend so Port officials held an open discussion with resident.

MasonWebTV Powered by HCC was on hand for the forum and streamed the meeting live.

Two dozen people attended the meeting. Topics of discussion included the Port’s campground, how best to handle those who abuse the facility, and whether to just close it; the idea of building a boat ramp – which many residents oppose; a sunken, derelict boat; finishing the process to make the Port’s building an emergency shelter and constructing a helipad; updating the Port’s Comprehensive Plan; and the two absent commissioners, among other topics.

Those in attendance also heard from the Port of Dewatto’s new director, Jeana Crosby, who talked about her duties and responsibilities.